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Re: [IP] Re: Kids 'n Pumps ...

In a message dated 98-05-08 22:45:30 EDT, you write:

 There is a big debate (according to my pedi-endo who is at University of
 Medical School) in the medical community as to whether you should subject
 young children to intensive therapy or not. Since there is no evidence of
 complications in children before puberty-should kids be on such a strict

Long-term benefits of intensive therapy aside, diabetics just FEEL better when
their numbers are in the normal range.  I had gestational diabetes and I felt
like crap when my BG got over 200.  I can't even imagine how terrible a 300,
400, 500, or off the meter feels!!!  And the lows aren't great
either...shakes, fuzzy-head, voracious appetite...I just picture how I felt
with mild lows and highs while pregnant and on insulin.  And our D kids on MDI
have those huge swings on a daily basis.  I'm just grateful for anything that
helps moderate those BG swings.  So, even if intensive therapy is
controversial with kids, the pump can still be very beneficial.  Kayla's
target BG is 140 - a compromise between "too-tight" control and moderated BG

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