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Re: [IP] Basal increments

Yes, the disetronic delivers every three minute regardless of what the 
basal rate is.  Some people on low basal rates find this to be more 
convenient.  The mini-med can only deliver in .1 unit increments because 
the deliver is based upon the rotation of the drive arm screw.  For most 
people, this wouldn't really make much of a difference anyway.  If the 
basal is extremely low, on either pump, the risk of clogging is 
increased.  For small children, the use of U-40 insulin might be 
preferrred.  The mini-med seems to be a little easier to use, but kids 
usually figure things out quicker than we do anyway, so the convenience 
of having a waterproof pump and a backup pump in case junior falls and 
breaks the pump might be worth it.  It's a personal decision.  I'm on a 
mini-med as my doctor insists that the disetronic was just too 
difficult.  After playing with both I disagree.  My next pump will 
probably be a disetronic as I participate in a lot of water sports.

(hope this helps)
>Hello everyone..
>I have a question...I just found out from a mom of a child pumping that 
>diesetronic is capable of delivering basal insulin in increments as 
>as .01 (1/100) increments..I had no idea of this fact and in all the
>literature I have found and even John Walsh's book I saw no mention of 
>fact..I feel that this fact makes the diesetronic a far more precise
>instrument and can't really see how anyone would choose the minimed now
>given that it can only deliver insulin in .1 (1/10) increments..I had 
>idea that the diesetronic delivered basal insulin every three minutes
>regardless of the basal rate..To me this seems far more advantageous 
>the minimed because at a .3 basal the minimed only delivers every 20
>Have any of you considered this fact when choosing?
>What's your opinion?
>(TJ's Dad)
>ps..I hadn't considered this mom to be wrong however my wife seems to 
>that the diesetronic is also only capable of 1/10 increments..but this
>couldn't be right because the mom told me her son pumps a basal rate of 
>units/hour but gets a delivery every three minutes...

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