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Re: [IP] Hot pink

>Seriously though, there is a Ceramics technique called "Bisque" where
>the piece is fired before the paint is applied.  That type of paint 
>also adhere to most other surfaces (kinda like the "Crazy Glue" of

Yes, bisque will work, but last time I was using them, bisque paints 
adhere far better to porous surfaces.  Try it and let me know.  However, 
I know that acrylic paints seem to work very well.  I know of several 
artists in the area that air-brush designs with acrylic paint onto pager 
cases.  I'm certain it could work with a pump as well.  Just don't  
apply the paint to thick or it will scrape off.  An airbrush artist 
would probably be willing to paint just about anything on the case.  
Personally, I make my own leather and neo-pyrene cases so that I can 
change the look of my pump when I want to.  I can apply beadwork, 
airbrush painting, and applique however I want to.  The neopyrene also 
protects the pump from bumps and dings.  I use these cases for martial 
arts, fencing, and other vigorous activities.


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