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Re: [IP] Basal increments

Hello everyone..
I have a question...I just found out from a mom of a child pumping that the
diesetronic is capable of delivering basal insulin in increments as little
as .01 (1/100) increments..I had no idea of this fact and in all the
literature I have found and even John Walsh's book I saw no mention of this
fact..I feel that this fact makes the diesetronic a far more precise
instrument and can't really see how anyone would choose the minimed now
given that it can only deliver insulin in .1 (1/10) increments..I had no
idea that the diesetronic delivered basal insulin every three minutes
regardless of the basal rate..To me this seems far more advantageous over
the minimed because at a .3 basal the minimed only delivers every 20
Have any of you considered this fact when choosing?
What's your opinion?
(TJ's Dad)
ps..I hadn't considered this mom to be wrong however my wife seems to think
that the diesetronic is also only capable of 1/10 increments..but this
couldn't be right because the mom told me her son pumps a basal rate of .3
units/hour but gets a delivery every three minutes...

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