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Re: [IP] Infusion Sets / Tubing

It looks like the Disetronic prices are essentially identical to MiniMed,
just a little packaging difference. I just looked at the MiniMed web site
and this is what they charge: Silhouette 10 Cannulas & 5 tubing sets
#372) for $80.00US. 

Well, since my insurance company will be paying and probably getting them
at wholesale cost, I guess I won't worry about it. 


At 05/09/1998 - 08:15 PM Sue W wrote:
>Hi Sam,
>Disetronic has a "Tender 2" set that comes with 20 Teflon Cannulas and
>10 connecter sets per box.  The latest price list I have from them shows
>$160.00 US for a box (order# 300.0263 for 31", 300.0264 for 43").
>Hope this might help you.
><< Can you get the infusion sets separate from from the tubing? (BTW I
>believe the prices that they charge for these things. Some of us need to
>get together and market discount supplies.... we could call it "Pumper's
>Wearhouse"... or maybe "Pumphouse Supply").
>Sam >>

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