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Re: [IP] complications

Take a look at the DCCT study, it's available online (look at the links).
Unfortunately, you'll find that while tight control lessens the risk of
complications, only a cure can eliminate them.  Somehow I'd managed to miss
that point -- and always made the silly assumption that the folks battling
the complications hadn't taken care of themselves.  Definately not
necessarily correct.
Take care,
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Date: May 09, 1998 07:37 PM
Subject: [IP] complications

>i have a question about complications.  i know they have done the study
>intensive therapy prevents complications but i wonder by how much.  i have
>diabetes for a long time and have really no major and few minor
>people always say to me "you look so good, you must really take good care
>yourself."  i have to say that i haven't taken that good of care of myself
>prior to the pump.  i know people who have taken excellent care of
>and they have all kinds of debilitating problems even with a pump.  i have
>thought that i have just been lucky--so far, but i don't know if that is it
>either.  it seems that some people are genetically disposed to have
>from diabetes and the bg just accelerates that process.  others are not so
>their body breakdown is much slower.  kind of like those smokers who get
>cancer vs. those who smoke all their life and die at 99.  what do you
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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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