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Re: [IP] zero to DKA....

On  9 May 98 at 13:26, Kaseyfs wrote:

>  The pump rep. I have been dealing with (who also happens to be a CDE
>  herself)  works with this endo team and knows our CDE pretty well said
>  that she feels they have one of the best pump programs in Northern
>  Calif., and cautioned me about finding another endo that would just put
>  her on a pump, but not have as much experience.  >>
> Hi Kim.  I can certainly understand the rep. being concerned about you working
> with a team that has pump experience.  However, whoever puts your child on a
> pump has to be pump certified.  I'm not knocking experience as a Great
> Educator, but think about how much this group stresses "you know
> yourself/child" better than any doctor.  After that initial learning curve, I
> bet you're going to be doing most of the troubleshooting yourself.  I think
> the real key here is to find a pump-certified endo practice that agrees with
> your philosophy of letting your child pump if she wants.  Just my .02.    :)

Pump certified?  That's a new one for me.  The CDE certification is 
an advanced certification for diabetes educators via their 
professional organization.  MiniMed has a "pump trainer" program but 
it is open to doctors, nurses and other people who are willing to go 
through the limited training course.  I assume Disetronic has a 
similar "pump consultant" program.  In many places the person 
claiming to be an endo isn't really board certified either, they just 
chose to "practice" in that field...  I don't think that there is any 
recognized professional "pump certification"...  though there 
probably should be!

Randall Winchester

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