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[IP] complications

i have a question about complications.  i know they have done the study that
intensive therapy prevents complications but i wonder by how much.  i have had
diabetes for a long time and have really no major and few minor complications.
people always say to me "you look so good, you must really take good care of
yourself."  i have to say that i haven't taken that good of care of myself
prior to the pump.  i know people who have taken excellent care of themselves
and they have all kinds of debilitating problems even with a pump.  i have
thought that i have just been lucky--so far, but i don't know if that is it
either.  it seems that some people are genetically disposed to have problems
from diabetes and the bg just accelerates that process.  others are not so
their body breakdown is much slower.  kind of like those smokers who get lung
cancer vs. those who smoke all their life and die at 99.  what do you think?
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