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[IP] Diet Drinks???


This is a tip that I got from a Diabetic friend ... and I must say that
has helped me on occasion ...

When you go out to eat and order a diet drink (like a good little
Diabetic), are you sure that you always get it?  Many things can happen
(tanks on dispensing machines get  hooked up wrong, waiter/waitress is
not paying full attention, etc.).

There is a product called Diastix that is intended for checking glucose
in your urine.  You can take one of these stix (strips) and dunk it in
your drink and compare it to the color chart just to make sure your
drink is really OK.  Diastix costs about $10.00 US for 100 of them.

No, I am not paranoid, I have actually discovered that I had been given
the wrong drink before it had a chance to mess up my BG's.  I consider
it cheap insurance.  My Doc Rx'd the Diastix for me and now my insurance
(HMO) pays for them.

Hopefully this will help somebody out there.


	... Sue  :-)

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		Your life probably isn't!

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