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Re: Harder or Better (was Re: [IP] Re: Kids 'n Pumps ...)

LOL, being reminded of those years of test shot eat test shot eat, etc.  it
does seem like some kind of horror movie, where all diabetics are marching in
lock step to the beat of the dr. regimen.  i work harder on the pump because i
feel empowered.  i tried to maintain some kind of control on MDI but it was
frustrating and impossible.  i felt like the disease controlled me so after
awhile, i quit trying, and sort of ambled on.  the pump helped me feel so good
and let me control my diabetes instead of the other way around.  the pump is
much BETTER.  it has been a very freeing experience for me.  i think that is
why i work HARDER at the pump--i know i can have success with it.  
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