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Re: Harder or Better (was Re: [IP] Re: Kids 'n Pumps ...)

In a message dated 5/9/98 6:01:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted

<< The SCHEDULE that many people are put on when they are diagnosed 
 isn't just torture, it is malicious!  Some of the people teaching 
 this form of "control" aren't teaching it for bg level control, they 
 are using it for personal power surges...  I've talked to some 
 "teaching nurses" who believe that every diabetic simply HAS to take 
 their morning shot at 07:00 am or the "system" just won't work...  
 same thing about having only 4 or 5 "meal plans" that you must stick 
 too without alteration or change.   That results in tragic things  >>

This is so sad and I am embarrassed for my colleagues who are  outdated.  I am
still beating my head against that wall when"expert " nurses  think  their
type 2 patients are type 1 because they take insulin.  Jeeesch!!!

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