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Re: Educating "Professionals" (was Re: [IP] zero to DKA....)

On  8 May 98 at 18:17, LBE FSD wrote:

> However, I don't like the write to your local paper line of thinking.  I
> remember that those doing the misdeeds to me are very worried about there
> jobs right now. 

The "write you local paper" applies more to positive comments...  the 
negative comments would probably not get published.   The problem is 
the damage that these people will do until they are stopped...  and 
once people's lives are messed up by one of these "professionals" 
there isn't much recourse or assistance for the people who have been 
hurt.   Like the dietician who told me the day I was diagnosed that 
"you'll never be able to eat anything good" - she is still leaving a 
trail of debris but it is slightly smaller because several of us 
complained - now she's in "private practice" instead of doing major 
damage by "helping" the CDE...    it's hard to educate someone who 
has the attitude that "you are an ignorant patient" like so many 
people do...  although that's not limited to medical people.  I 
worked with some teachers from the school district a few years ago 
when they were getting computers.  Talk about a bunch that wouldn't 
read or follow instructions, or even learn what was going on!  My 
funniest two stories from that time - Windows was just coming out and 
one of the teachers called me and said "Windows won't run on my 
machine"... so I looked at it and discovered it was a 8086.  When I 
told her that Windows wouldn't run on that machine she swore up and 
down that she had seen it running on that machine that morning...  
and when I showed her that she only had about one meg of disk space 
left she got upset and said that Windows was a program, not a data 
file so disk space didn't matter...  She was teaching students all 
about computers too...    The other story was about another teacher 
who just couldn't figure out how to turn the computer off or on, and 
had to get someone else to do it - she just never quite understod 
that the switch with the sticker that said "power" on  it was the 
power switch for the computer....

Randall Winchester

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