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Re: [IP] Hot pink

Hi Ted,

LOL!  Somehow ... I knew that someone would bring that up.

Seriously though, there is a Ceramics technique called "Bisque" where
the piece is fired before the paint is applied.  That type of paint will
also adhere to most other surfaces (kinda like the "Crazy Glue" of
paint).  The "Bisque" paints come in a lot wider range of colors (from
pale to fluorescent and everything in between) and effects (like
opalescent or glitter, etc.) than the fired-on glazes.

>> > Sounds like a good idea to me!  Maybe when I get my pump I can take it
to ceramics class and paint some flowers and stuff on it.  That might
look pretty good on a blue MiniMed, huh? > >>

<< OK, but isn't it rough on the pump when you have to fire on the 
ceramic glaze? <Grin>

Ted Quick >>


	... Sue  :-)

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