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Re: [IP] Word Wrapping

> I'm just curious... when I respond to this list I notice that my
> lines are wrapped funny. I've tried to set the wrap point to less
> than 72, but it doesn't seem to help. I'm using Eudora 4.01 as my
> email program. Is this just a function of this server? I haven't
> noticed it anywhere else.

I suggest you download an install PEGASUS, read on!

If you are a member of AOL or other on-line service that does not
provide direct internet access, you're stuck with their archcaic mail 
program (crummy browser too). You might want to consider switching to 
a REAL internet service provider to get better overall service. Check 


for a list of the Internet Service Providers 
servicing your area, the services they offer and their pricing..

One of the most powerful and full featured e-mail programs now
available is PEGASUS and fortunately is is freeware. If you are using
a mail program that is part of a browser suite, or a demo mailer like
Eudora lite, download and install PEGASUS instead.
You can download PEGASUS from 


email @ redacted
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