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Re: [IP] Waterproof-ness was: Choose by Color

> I live in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I have a couple of friends with pumps. 
> >From what they tell me, they have been swimming in the Great Salt Lake
> (many times saltier than the ocean) with the Sportsguard and it worked
> just fine ... just needed to be washed off with clean water afterwards. 
> The Sportsguard also keeps sand from getting into your pump when you are
> out on the beach.
Well, I've kept quiet on this one for a while but Lily's sportguard 
has leaked many times and TWICE with disasterous results. On those 
two occasions her pump was killed and had to be returned to MM for 

The problem is related to the shape of the stopper that closes off 
the mouth of the Sportguard and what happens to it when it ages.

Originally the stopper was made of some material that warped a lot as 
it aged. The sides of the stopper slowly buckled in as it got older 
and no amount of grease would then seal the top when the sportguard 
was mildly flexed although it appeared to be sealed on inspection.

MiniMed sent replacement stoppers to all Sportguard customers a 
couple of years ago. These stoppers were made of a new material that 
did not shrink with age "as much". However, when you use this thing 
every day like a kid at the beach, or on a swim team, what small 
amount of shrinkage that occurs is also a problem.  After another 
year, the new stopper does not look any better than the old one and 
was responsible for the second disasterous pump death over a three 
day weekend. 

After that episode, we experimented with using regular to cover basal 
requirements for up to 4-5 hours at a time. This proved to be a much 
better solution in the long run since Lily then didn't need to worry 
about the junk hung around her waist and could just concentrate on 
having fun. Now, she just disconnects for all sports and beach-like 
activities, bolusing a small amount to cover up to an hour at a time 
or using some regular if she plans to be off her pump for longer than 

With respect to Disetronic, this pump is waterproof in a manner 
similar to a waterproof watch. I has seals to keep water out of the 
important parts. HOWEVER, these seals are not resistant to high 
pressures and the pump should not be worn when doing things like 
skindiving where the pressure variation can vary by 2:1 or more.

My personal recommendation is to remove any pump for swimming or 
contact sports. Why risk damage to the equipment or hurting someone 
else if they run into you and whack the pump with a head or 
something. A small bolus will cover short term pump disconnects and 
regular will cover long term disconnects.

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