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Re: [IP] Re: Kids 'n Pumps ...

> Please Michael explain to me how this attitude misses the mark?????  If you
> believe that for one minute that Lilly can lead a totally normal life than I
> think you must be fooling yourself. 
My comments were directed toward the attitude of the 'professonals' 
whe seem to think that pumping is much harder than taking shots and 
provides no benefits except the obvious medical ones.  I don't claim 
that Lily's life is normal as compared to her pre-diabetic days, just 
closer to normal. I consider the sleep, shot, eat, snack, shot, eat, 
snack, shot, snack, sleep routine to be very ABNORMAL and very close 
to torture. Most kids violate this schedule on a routine 
basis because they can't stand it and feel deprived. Eliminating that 
routine is a HUGE step toward normalacy and a lot less hassle than 
figuring out how to use a pump. This is without regard for the 
obvious health improvements and reduction of long term problems that 
the pump brings to Lily's life. She can eat what she wants, when 
she wants, sleep and rise normally, etc... My motives for getting 
Lily a pump were an overall concern for her long term health. The 
change of routine came as a very pleasant (and obviously overlooked) 
fringe benefit that I hadn't even thought of at the time but in 
hindsight, from a child's perspective, have got to be a godsend. The 
end of the diabetic routine not only improved Lily's life, 
it definetly improved the quality of life for myself, my wife, and 
Lily's 4 other siblings since we no longer have to sync our lives to 
that schedule as well.

> My daughter was on MDI for over four years before I could convince
> my Doctor to put her on a pump. Most pedi-endos believe that
> intensive therapy for children is unfounded-no EVIDENCE of
> complications before PUBERTY!!
> How dare you assume that I ever denied my child the most normal life
> that I could give her. How dare you say that I have abused my child!
I didn't assume anything about you at all except that your would
do the best for your child as any other parent would. 
I'm sorry, you took my comments out of context. They were directed 
toward your medical helpers. It is my firm belief that those 
professionals who would deny a child (or anyone for that matter) the 
opportunity to use a pump for treatment of diabetes clearly don't 
understand the effects of the strict routine that must be followed 
just to stay alive. My comments were directed toward the doctor who 
unthinkingly only thought about 

-------" intensive therapy for children is unfounded-no EVIDENCE of
-------complications before PUBERTY!!"

This is NOT the case. Ask Melissa's mom about her kidney 
damage. Melissa is on ACE inhibitors at age 14 and has been diabetic 
for only 5 years. You can reach Renee at email @ redacted

Ask Lily's diabetes camp counseler who at age 20 had surgery on both 
eyes because she could no longer see clearly with either eye.

These changes do not happen overnight, but they clearly do happen 
eventually to many diabetics without regard to age, sex, ethnicity, 
etc.... To some, these complications happen much more rapidly than 
with others.

I am not being critical of you, just insistent that children are the 
best possible candidate for a pump if they have supportive parents 
who will help them use it and train them to carbo count, etc...

Kids learn fast, and to return a modicum of freedom to a child has to 
be the best possible gift that we can give back to them when they 
have been stricken with diabetes.

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