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Re: [IP] zero to DKA....

In a message dated 98-05-08 12:45:16 EDT, you write:

 The pump rep. I have been dealing with (who also happens to be a CDE
 herself)  works with this endo team and knows our CDE pretty well said
 that she feels they have one of the best pump programs in Northern
 Calif., and cautioned me about finding another endo that would just put
 her on a pump, but not have as much experience.  >>

Hi Kim.  I can certainly understand the rep. being concerned about you working
with a team that has pump experience.  However, whoever puts your child on a
pump has to be pump certified.  I'm not knocking experience as a Great
Educator, but think about how much this group stresses "you know
yourself/child" better than any doctor.  After that initial learning curve, I
bet you're going to be doing most of the troubleshooting yourself.  I think
the real key here is to find a pump-certified endo practice that agrees with
your philosophy of letting your child pump if she wants.  Just my .02.    :)

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