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Re: [IP] Re: extra infusion pieces

At 05/08/1998 - 09:56 PM Daryl & Melissa Davis wrote:
>>>>A pumper's garage sale might be fun, but the main problem will
>be that  everyone will have the same extra tubing to sell.<<<
>Suggestion:  Why don't you just store the extra tubing in preparation
>for the year 2000!  If it's going to be hard to get supplies, tubing
>will be one less worry!  By then you'll have at least 2 year's
>You could probably sell it at that point and make a bundle!  *BIG

You can also give them to any friends that are into model railroading.
Once painted, the tubing would make great simulated pipes & hoses (for
oil refineries, sewer lines, garden hoses, etc.) I've seen cut-off
syringe bodies used for smoke stacks... you can be really creative
this stuff.


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