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Re: [IP] Diabetes on TV

BBradRN wrote:
> In a message dated 5/8/98 9:12:24 PM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted
> writes:
> <<   i have never seen diabetes portrayed on TV in an
>  intelligent way.  i guess they consult with Dr. Death and Nurse Ratchet. >>
> Problem is ...they don't consult the right people.    Barbara

Dear Gang:

Being a Sci-Fi fan, especially Star Trek, I have a pretty good
collection of books and videos, and I recall at least two occasions
where people with diabetes-like conditions where shown as regular people
who just happen to have a medical condition that needs care.

I remember a two-part episode of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" in whcih
Capt. Sisko, Lt. Dax and Dr. Bashir time-travel to the 21st century. In
the course of the story, the Capt. and the doctor are in a hostage
situation, and one of the hostages, a goverment official, is having a
hypoglycemic reaction. The doctor searches around, finds some glucose,
gives it to her, and tells her to rest while he arranges to get her some
food. He later asks her why no none else knew about her condition, and
she tells him that she was afraid of problems with keeping her job. The
lady was not a nutcase, just someone who tring to protect her job in a
world of high unemployment. 

About ten years ago, Pocket Books had published a Star Trek novel about
how Spock and McCoy help a young woman, a future planetary ruler, deal
with the 23rd century version of diabetes, in one of the Pocket Books
Timescape novels. From the day she was diagnosed, her family hired
doctors to take care of her, so she had not really learned to take care
of herself. Bones and Spock help her when they are trapped in a
wilderness survival situation, and she eventually takes charge of her
own care and ends up a better person for it. 

Maybe the Science-fiction writers are the ones we should approach first.
They seem to have a better slant on things.



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