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[IP] diabetes on tv

Lisa wrote:

<<Did you know that on that episode of ER that a CDE from Yale Medical
School, New Haven, CT, Joanne Ahern, had a walk on part?  She got the
part because she was voted best nurse or something.  I have talked to
her on the phone and she is SO enthusiastic about putting kids on the
pump (I could have talked to her all day)  When I talked to her last she

had just helped put an 8 year old on one.  I am going to visit my
brother in New Haven in June and I plan to visit with her and Vicki from

this group.>>

Joanne sounds like an angel!  I wish she could help convert some CDE's
on the West Coast!!  Do you know how many younger kids like that 8 yr.
old they have put on pumps?

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