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Re: [IP] Re: sleeping nude and dropping pump

Janet Wiener wrote:
> > I just hope I don't forget I'm wearing the pump when I get up in the
> > middle of the night to use the bathroom--since I sleep in the buff, I
> > could end up dragging it onto the floor, and something tells me that
> > wouldn't feel too good!  Maybe I'd better just get into the habit of
> > putting on a robe with a pocket first thing. . . .
> >
> > - --Laurel

I use a Samsonite "traveller's wallet", and during the day, I wear it
like a belt, under my shirt. It's also comfortable enough to sleep in,
and I just wear a T-shirt and shorts. I found it for about $7.00 at
Wal-Mart in the luggage section.



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