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Re: [IP] Millenium bug

This is a good explanation of the problem.  I've done Y2K research and
testing for my company, and have learned a lot.

There are microprocessors all around us, in TVs, microwaves, security
systems, etc.  A lot of them don't do anything externally with the date, but
will still fail when Y2K comes around.  I have heard of one car that won't
start after this date.  Maybe it has the date logged for problems with

Also, there can be problems with programs passing data back and forth.  If
the receiving program is not getting the date in the format it expects,
there can be problems.  For example, your One-touch meter and PCs Intouch
program have to both use the same format.

At 02:37 PM 5/5/98 -0400, Dan Trump wrote:
>Well, that's not entirely true. First, it's not a financial consideration. It's
>an issue of comparison. The problem shows up in financial issues very
>frequently, but it's not the only place that the date change is a problem.
>Date becomes an issue when you have to compare two dates with an intervening
>"roll-over" (i.e. 1999-2000, Dec. 31 - Jan 1). Consider comparing two dates

Most of explanation deleted.
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