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Re: [IP] Re: extra infusion pieces

I perfer the Tender 2 sets since I can change the tubing and reservior every
other cannula change.  I staple the sets together, one with tubing and one
without.  When I pull the pair out of the box, I put the extra one in
another box so I can keep track.

><<<From: "Bob Burnett" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] Extra infusion set pieces?
>Wayne, Sam:
>When I first started using Comforts (aka Tenders / Silhouettes), I ended up
>with mismatched pieces when I was finished with the box. The default
>configuration for Tenders, etc. is called a "Tender 2", meaning there are
>two cannulas (bases) for each piece of tubing. If this doesn't work for your
>rotation schedule, you can order "Tender 1" sets, which have a tube for each
>cannula. This might match your requirements better.
>Bob Burnett>>>
Michael Strong
Fayetteville, NC
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