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[IP] Diabetes get-together at Montreat, NC

See more info below.  I've sent a message to Jenny Nash.

At 05:02 PM 5/8/98 +0000, Randall Winchester wrote:
>On  7 May 98 at 20:32, Michael Strong wrote:
>> There is a Diabetes weekend retreat every year in November at Montreat near
>> Ashville, NC.  I heard about on the World Diabetes list.  I believe Jenny
>> Nash organizes it.  If you want more info, I can forward some messages about
>> last year's retreat.
>Hi MIchael.  I'd be interested in information about this retreat.  
>Randall Winchester

This is from 1996.

At 08:02 AM 10/1/96 -0400, Jenny Nash wrote:
>Hi Samantha and everyone,
>The dates are Nov. 8-10, although some people are staying in Asheville
>Sunday night too. The place is Montreat, North Carolina, about 15 miles
>east of Asheville and it's *gorgeous* in the fall.
>The number at Montreat is 800/572-2257, ext. 313. That's Betty Jo's number.
>If you've got any more questions, just ask! :-)
>Hope you can make it!
>Jenny Nash
>freelance writer
>email @ redacted

At 08:20 AM 9/26/96 -0400, Mark Elliott wrote:
>Montreat, North Carolina, has been known in my family for years as the "land
>of the none-day sun," because:  (a) it is in a VERY steep sided valley
>oriented north-south, at the base of Mt. Mitchell, and (b) nearly every time
>we've ever stayed there it rains continuously.  Sounds rotten, but it's not.
>The setting is spectacular:  Mt. Mitchell is the highest mountain east of
>the Rockies in North America, with its peak over 6800 feet.  A trail or two
>lead from the Montreat conference center up towards the top, and are
>reasonably easy to follow without getting lost:  simple rule is just keep
>going up until you hit the Blue Ridge Parkway, then adjust course towards
>the state park access road into the Mt. Mitchell State Park.  Get directions
>and hints from Montreat College or Conference center staff; there's an
>outdoorsy-craft center office located in a building on the southwest corner
>of Lake Susan (a pond-sized body of water right smack in the middle of the
>campus); and they can either direct you, or send you to someone who can.
>The trails are rugged and unendingly uphill.  They are NOT, however,
>especially steep.  It's reasonable to assume anyone reasonably fit can do
>the trails without risk...except that, once you leave the Montreat area, you
>are truly way out in the woods, and you had better be loaded with enough
>food, water, and warm clothing to support you on an extended stay...you
>don't see any signs of civilization for a long time after leaving the
>campus, even if you stay exactly on the trails.
>I'm mostly a cyclist, and have found the area beautiful, if limiting, for
>road bikes.  If you like climbs, ride south out of Montreat into Black
>Mountain on NC 9, then leave Black Mountain and continue south on NC 9
>towards Bat Cave (yep, that's a real town).  After leaving Black Mountain,
>you have a steep climb of about 3 miles to the top of one ridge, then a nice
>downhill into a valley, another, shorter climb out, and then a long descent
>into Bat Cave.  Unfortunately, I've never found a road to make this a loop,
>short of riding all the way west to Asheville and then back (probably 60
>miles, at least), so I've always simply ridden out and back on NC 9.  There
>is a beautiful road that turns off NC 9 in the valley between the ridges
>that heads northeast towards the town of Old Fort.  That's a nice
>alternative to the Bat Cave choice, but, again, you're stuck returning over
>the same route once you get to Old Fort:  there simply isn't any way to get
>directly from Old Fort back to Black Mountain on a road bike, except on
>Interstate 40...which ain't legal or safe.  A mountain biker could follow
>the path of old (and now abandoned and closed) US 70 from Old Fort up
>towards Ridgecrest and Black Mountain; I know folks who've done that ride,
>but never have done so myself.  Reputedly beautiful.
>Mountain bikers have lots of choices all around Montreat...just ask a
>student or staff member for ideas.
>The climate this time of year can be damp and cool.  Despite that you're in
>North Carolina, you're also at fairly high elevation, and in the shade, as I
>noted above.  Even in the middle of summer, light jackets in the evening are
>de riguer; fall will be cooler still.  Many of the pathways around the
>conference center and campus are unpaved, so take suitable footware:  high
>heels represent an opportunity for a sprained or broken ankle.  A great
>walking path follows along beside NC 9 from the conference center down south
>towards the Montreat entry gate; it stays near the road but in the trees and
>rhododendron all the way down.  It's as close to level as any path can get
>round there.  
>Mark Elliott
Michael Strong
Fayetteville, NC
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