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Re: 507 Batteries (was Re: [IP] Choose by color?)

At 03:41 AM 5/9/98 -0700, you wrote:

>If you use the 507 batteries in the Disetronic pump, is it still
>waterproof even with the little red caps?

The reference is to the fact that both pumps use the same model of battery
- Eveready 357. The Disetronic battery is housed in a special waterproof
holder. Because of basic pump design differences, the MiniMed battery
holder is different.

It is possible to replace the batteries in the Disetronic holder with "off
the shelf Eveready 357" batteries, though you are warned that it may affect
the warranty on the pump. If I were stuck someplace with no fresh
"official" batteries from Disetronic, I know that I can keep my pump
running with little trouble, by refilling with the Eveready 357s which can
be found in many stores. I would be very careful to make sure the
waterproof seal on the Disetronic battery case doesn't get damaged during
the process. That will affect the waterproof capabilities of the pump.

Bob Burnett

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