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Re: [IP] Infusion Sets

At 10:21 PM 5/8/98 -0400, Wendy wrote:
Can anyone give me some advice about sets? I am starting my pump on Monday. I am a little scared, but very excited. I am a rather slim person with little body fat. Often with injections I've hit muscle and I am worried about the absorption. My co. rep gave me a box of the Comfort sets, plus the other two. Any last advice?



You might want to also have some "bent needle" sets on hand (since I don't know what type pump you're using, I can't be more specific than this). These sets are often used for folks with little body fat. The angle of insertion (as well as the depth) can be easily controlled, so you avoid going too deep and hitting muscle. I use these on occasion to give myself a "break" from the Tenders, or if I am having problems that I think might be related to the type of set I'm using.

The Comfort sets (same as the Disetronic Tenders and the MiniMed Silhouettes) also allow you to control the angle and depth of insertion. Many slim people find that they need to insert them at a shallower angle than the recommended 30 - 45 degrees. I use them at an angle which is closer to 20 degrees and they are quite comfortable like this.

I think most of us were a "little scared, but very excited" when we started pumping. That's a healthy sign.

Keep us in the loop on your progress ;-)

Bob Burnett

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