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Re: [IP] Price of Humalog(ONLY GOOD FOR A MONTH?)

You might want to try just filling an extra syringe/reservoir and take
that with you.  That way if it did spoil, it wouldn't be a whole bottle.

I keep my insulin cool in the summer by putting it with my supplies in a
pack (similar to a fanny pack) with a small package of "Blue Ice"
(refreezable ice substitute).  This keeps the insulin from spoiling from

In the winter I wrap my pack in a towel or blanket to keep it from
freezing (insulin will freeze and that causes it to spoil).

Good luck.

<< I use between 18 & 40 units of insulin/day and 1/4 of that is not
humalog so my bottles last a long time.  I haven't had one go bad that's
been in the fridge yet ( 6 months).  I have had trouble with insulin in
the tubing site after 4 days.  I worried at first about the 30 day thing
but see no evidence of it.  The nice thing about humalog is it only
takes a few hours to figure out that it doesn't work.  I'm still very
unsure about carrying it around though to change infusion sets (I'm
sometimes in Santa Rosa -- 75 miles from home for 14 hour work days and
my car which has no AC gets hot!). >>


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