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Re: [IP] Insurance Co's

It has been about two weeks since my Endo Rx'd the MM507.  I am still
waiting to hear from either him or the insurance about whether or not I
am approved.  I sure hope it doesn't take a long time or a battle.  I
don't feel like fighting ... just want to get pumping and under control
so I will hopefully feel better.

If anyone out there has any tips or suggestions to help me in this
process, please let me know.


<< Wendy Anderson wrote

Can anyone give me an idea as to how long I can suspect it to take for
my insurance company to approve my pump purchase?  I live in Canada and
have Canada Life as my company.

Wendy, I live in the Yukon and have (or rather had until April 30)
coverage with SunLife.  They had to preapprove my pump purchase (needed
price quote and prescription from a doctor affiliated with a teaching
center) but I was preapproved in 48 hours.  Hope this helps

Pete >>


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