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Re: [IP] concerning neuropathy

i woke up with a 400 bg so i am just babbling here because i can't sleep.  i
just want to tell you about my wonderful experience.  i have mild neuropathy
that i guess i have had for 5-10 years.  i had no pain, but my feet are very
sensitive and i can't go barefoot even in the house.  i also had no reflexes
in my feet and legs.  well, they told me that it would take about 2 years for
the pump to have an effect on my neuropathy.  i've been on the pump for 2
years and i have my reflexes back and i can go barefoot again.  i celebrated
by walking down my driveway barefooted to get the paper.  it felt so good.  i
told my son and husband who were very unimpressed, but i feel like i have
grown new feet.  another pump success story!  ellen
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