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[IP] zero to DKA....

>>>on some research studies regarding kids and pumps
that for some reason didn't recommend them for people any younger than


When we were originally turned down for a pump, our rep suddenly told me
of a research paper that apparently just came out recommending kids
don't go on the pump till they're 12!  I have yet to see this research
paper!  I'm 3 of these digests behind so maybe someone else has already
produced this elusive document!  I'd like to see their proof and why it
means MY 8 year old won't be able to handle a pump!

I was ALSO cautioned by my rep not to seek another doctor just to put
Kristina on a pump!  She said our current doc was reputable and wouldn't
have turned us down without a good reason!  This is also the doctor who
refuses to consider U and H for us or to let us adjust insulin according
to the amount of carbs Kristina will be eating at a meal!  The more I
read, the more I see we've been living a nightmare we didn't have to
live!  And all this time we were told this was normal life and accept
it!  Hmmm...  Gotta wonder about some people!!

I'm looking forward to meeting the new doctor AND the new rep... since
we'll be going to another area, we'll be getting a new rep!  :-)


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