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Re: [IP] Re: Kids 'n Pumps ...

> I feel that it is important to teach children at an early age
> discipline and self-respect. Without intensive therapy Megan would
> not appreciate how important it is to  take care of herself. She has
> a special problem and she has to be willing to take charge!

Wow!  does this attitude miss the mark.

The primary reason for getting Lily a pump was to relieve her of the 
strict discipline of:
"get up at the same time", shot, breakfast, snack, shot, lunch, 
snack, shot, dinner, "bed at the same time".
everyday, everyday, everyday, everyday
no ice cream, no candy, no pie, no extra helping NO LIFE
  get it......

With a pump our children can live like normal people.
Argghhhh..... we HAVE to educate these people

If you did those things to a non-diabetic child, social services 
would place them in foster care because of abuse.

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