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Re: [IP] zero to DKA....

i visited my endo today.  through 33 years of iddm i have never been
exposed to a cde except vicariously, courtesy of this list.
because my first post pump ag1 was 5.4, my visit was celebratory.  I
realize that i am priveleged to have an advocate for an endo, that is
punp as well as personal.  my visit is scheduled to fit my needs - 30
minutes twice a year.  
today we spoke of my personal joy at the freedoms afforded me by my new
treatment protocol, my concerns for a close friend also his patient, a
few new  meds, my knowledge gained from this list, the tremendous
respect i have for Michael who i am sure could pursue any career or any
multitude of careers he so chose, and in the end the doctor spoke of the
possibility that i would serve to 
diseminate pump info.  
he also asked me to fax to him anything from this list i felt he should
know.  does that qualify as a fractional med person on the list?
thank you all!
with love,
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