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[IP] Colour Choice!!??!

Dear All,

I believe by now all the membership has passed comments which is great and I have chuckled as I have continued to discover everyone's colour preferences etc.  It seems unfair for me not to pass on my Australian thoughts.  I started on the Minimed pump ( we really don't have a choice here) in February.  Minimed only headed downunder late 1997.  I was preparing to head to Germany ( and was learning German) so I could start on a pump when I discovered Minimed had arrived on our shores. I am very happy with my pump.

My colour choice? Wow ! I was grateful to be even able to buy a pump and to have some technical support!!  It appears however, I am not as adventurous as the rest of you.... I chose computer grey!  However after hearing all the discussion I'm requesting my next pump to be multicoloured!!!!!!!

Jennifer from DownUnder

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