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[IP] zero to dka....

BINGO -- again.  But how do you get someone who is already feeling
overworked and overwhelmed (at least some of the time) to listen and learn?
I've supplied the data and have been told that I'm either crazy or lying.
She really is a nice person, but she is wedded to what she learned from a
book.  When I asked if she'd ever worn a pump with saline, she said "SOME
things I don't need to experience."  Am I the only mom who tastes the
medicine that kids are having problems taking?  Granted, I need much more
data than the average human, but my "health care team" won't even look at
any of it.  I take it back, my endo will when I finally make it through the
(   ) screeners.  I am supposed to fit in a mold.  The gastroparesis is
supposed to be completely handled by the square wave bolus (how long? -- no
response) and since it isn't, I must be noncompliant (I don't choose to
increase my basals for the bedtime snack that I don't want, therefore that
is proven)  I don't get it.  I'm trying, I've talked, written, sent flowers,
sent discs -- to no avail.  The MM rep says that I have the best endo in his
4 state region though, and I don't want to change -- he reminds me of what
you sound like Barbara -- so I guess that I will continue my data gathering
foray, and hope to not visit the NW corner of my new employer (ER).  I have
never lied to anyone, let alone someone that I am paying to help me, and I
never will be accused of that again.  If there is something that I'm doing
wrong, I'd love to change it, so advise welcomed.

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