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[IP] thanks for the advice

Janet wrote,
But - she could have more protein. How about some cheese sticks? Or tofu

cubes? (My daugher eats a lot of tofu cubes sauteed in lots of cinnamon
a little oil.)  I can fill up on protein foods, which have minimal
on my blood sugar. (Or can be covered more easily 1-1.5 hours later.)

email @ redacted>>

Thanks for the information.  Last time my daughter had tofu she didn't
like it, but we have never tried it that way!   I do try and "pad" the
30 grams with extra things such as cheese, deli meats, nuts, or free
foods to give her extra munching satisfaction.  She sometimes gets weary
of all the protein, because she has to also eat protein each night
before bed, whether she's hungry or not to avoid nighttime lows.

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