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[IP] response

Date: Fri, 08 May 1998 10:26:28 -0700
From: Ruth Elowitz <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] zero to DKA....


Where in Northern Calif are you?  What insurance/med center?<<

We live in Ukiah, Calif., 2 hr. drive north of SanFrancisco.  We have
Blue Shield  Insurance. In order to get the best coverage we use a
"Select Provider", which actually has a big list.  We went to a
pediatric endo. group in Oakland for 2 1/2 years then switched 6 mos.
ago to UCSF.  The reason for leaving Oakland had nothing to do with the
pump - in fact we hadn't even heard much about pumps prior to a few
months ago when I stumbled onto the KidsRPumping web site.

We have actually been very happy with the diabetes team other than this
recent situation.  Part of their hestation might be that we are
relatively new to them (I don't know if that should matter or not).  I
don't really know the "official stance" from the endos. perspective,
mainly because I usually have all my conversations with the CDE, but I
assume that being that they are a "team"  they would share the same
philosophy.  Also, since we haven't been down there since March, most of
this conversation has taken place over the phone.  The endo we were
scheduled to see that day had to be cancelled, so we just saw the
dietician, CDE, and social worker.

If Stephanie was more sure she wanted the pump, I would be much more
aggresive I think and not worry about "burning any bridges".  I sure
wish getting the pump wasn't so involved a process (insurance, pump
training, etc.), because it would be so nice to "try it out" for the
summer without any pressure on her part to make the long term
commitment.  I know if she had this opportunity, she would take it in a
minute! It's just not the same as trying out a new meter (we have tried
almost all of them! I am still looking for one that always reads "80mdl"
LOL) I  think we gave less thought to the last car we purchased!

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