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Re: [IP] tears and worms...

yba,  i remember that too--the cake vs. the crackers--bummer
         however, after reading from many parents and my being a former
diabetic child, 
         i have some advice: 
1)diabetic children are very tough.  do not feel sorry for them.  i hated it
when people felt sorry for me.  they made me angry.  
2)don't smother your child with worry.  the happiest day of my life was when i
went to college and didn't have my mother reminding me what to eat,
etc,etc,etc all the time.
i felt free.  
            of course this was from a child's perspective.  i was a good girl
and did what i was told until i became a teenager.  i have two boys so i know
if one of them got a chronic disease, i would be devastated.  however, if they
were young(<12) i wouldn't let them know it.  i don't think it does them any
good at all.  
              i have to confess, i don't eat sweets.  i've been diabetic so
long (38 years) that they don't even taste good to me.  i guess i've abused my
own children.  neither one of them is diabetic and we never have sweets at our
house except on birthdays. oh yeah, i forgot about the choc.chip cookies that
my husband is addicted to.  i always have fresh fruit at dinner.  my boys are
now 19 and 15 and they do not eat a lot of sweets.  they have had their share,
but not much at home.  would this be considered child abuse?  ellen
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