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Re: [IP] zero to DKA....

>  I know she mentioned that she feels pumps are meant to allow
> independece, and that kids under 12 would not be able to do all that is
> necessary as far as counting carbs and then estimating the bolus.  I can
> understand her point, but I figured we would just be involved with
> helping her with this until she was old enough to do it on her own.
Sorry, I disagree completely. The point is not whether or not the kid 
can be 100% reponsible for running the pump, it is whether or not the 
parent is willing to accept the responsibility until the kid is old 

If a child can draw their own insulin and shoot it, they can program 
a bolus.  Carb counting is not the issue. Everyone should carb count.
If a child must eat but can't carb count, then the food supplied by 
adults SHOULD ALREADY BE COUNTED and the bolus clearly defined before 
the food is given. That's pretty simple.

The freedom of lifestyle that the pump provides FAR OUTWEIGHS any
possible inconvienence to the person doing the food prep. Personally, 
I would much prefer to count carbs for my daughter so she can eat 
whatever she wants, sleep when she wants, etc... that put up with a 2 
or 3 shot a day standard diabetes regimen. 

But that's just my preference. Maybe I'm the one whose is missing 
their point??  I think not, they are just afraid and lazy.

BTW, I'm in norcal also, Palo Alto to be exact. If you need an endo 
around here, there are a couple at least. Mine and Janet's.

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