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Re: [IP] Diabetes on TV


I truly love ER but I am still trying to figure out how I feel about last
night's episode.  It would be really nice, if they are going to show people
with diabetes, to show someone who came in for something else altogether,
got asked about the diabetes, is in great control and shows them how the
heck a pump works!!!

As for last night, she had to go in because her facelift got infected.  So
Sara, we are not only nutcases but VAIN nutcases :')


Sara said,
>If you watched ER last night, you will have seen Swoosie Kurtz play a Tammy
>Faye Baker type with diabetes.  I missed the beginning as to why she has been
>taken to the ER, but when I tuned in, she was getting a urine test back that
>showed protein and the doctor told her and she and her TV evangelistic husband
>freaked out.  As I was cowering in embarrassment (even though there was no one
>in the room), she asked, "Am ah gonna die?"  or something to that effect.  The
>doctor mentioned dialysis, evoking another paroxym (sp) of the evangelist and
>his wife.  So they decide to broadcast live from ER, and have a "pray In" or
>some such nonsense.


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