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[IP] Computer based pump/BG/Carb tracking software

If this has been beat to death I apologize.  However, I am now using 
mini-laptop computer.  It goes everywhere with me.  I am looking for a 
database which will allow me to track all of my diabetes related info on 
the road.  I was hoping that there would be one which would allow me to 
print helpful charts and graphs as well.  Does anyone have one?? or do I 
need to design one myself?  Also, a database with carb counting info 
would be nice.  Hopefully a fairly comprehensive one.  I'll install 
whatever software I need to to use any databases which match this 
description.  My laptop run windows 95.

(Please respond to me personally.  I didn't realize how much mail is 
generated here and I may subscribe to the browser instead.)

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