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[IP] Re: Millenium bug

Thanks Dan for your wise moderating words on this subject.

<<From: email @ redacted (Dan Trump)
Subject: Re: [IP] Millenium bug

As far as the pump is concerned, the only possible area that would be
at issue would be in calculating the time for the next basal dose. If that
were calculated from when the last dose was given and that calculation
included the year of the last dose, you MAY have a problem. That said, it
would only be a problem for the first basal dose on Jan 1, 2000 and it would
immediately clear itself after that.

But in almost ten years of programming real-time devices, I can't think of
anyone who uses a human-readable date type of calculation for calculating
cyclic events. They would keep track of internal "cycles" to determine
the time for the next basal dose. In short, this doesn't look like a problem
for pump wearers.

Meter users don't need to worry either, for that matter. Meter readings don't
involve time/date comparisons, so there shouldn't anything to worry about. The
meter's calendar is either built in (hardcoded), or uses an algorithm that
should handle the millenium roll-over. If it can't handle something that simple
I sure as heck wouldn't trust the bg readings I got from it.

Look, the fact of the matter is that most governments (most notably the
of the US) are just now beginning to recognize that the problem exists. The
problems created by huge stupid government bureaucracys moving a glacial speeds
will dwarf any problems your insulin pump or meter might present. Except maybe
that you won't be able to get suppplies because the government doesn't
think you'll
be born for another 50 years or so ;-{)>.>>>

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