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Re: [IP] Re: extra infusion pieces

At 11:31 PM 5/8/98 -0400, Wayne wrote:
>Thanks Bob.  Minimed sells with the same bad packaging options as
>Disetronic.  A pumper's garage sale might be fun, but the main problem will
>be that  everyone will have the same extra tubing to sell.   Maybe we
>should just have a big  pumpers party :-)   We could have the caterer
>properly label the carb content of each food and drink item!


Actually, I think the packaging options give me some flexibility. Short
term, it seems like there are all sorts of bits and pieces of the wrong
part(s). In the long run, though, this seems to have worked well for me.
I've got extra cannula / base sections stashed all over the place - desk
drawer at work, briefcase, some with my fishing equipment, etc.

Bob Burnett

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