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[IP] Diabetes on TV

If you watched ER last night, you will have seen Swoosie Kurtz play a Tammy
Faye Baker type with diabetes.  I missed the beginning as to why she has been
taken to the ER, but when I tuned in, she was getting a urine test back that
showed protein and the doctor told her and she and her TV evangelistic husband
freaked out.  As I was cowering in embarrassment (even though there was no one
in the room), she asked, "Am ah gonna die?"  or something to that effect.  The
doctor mentioned dialysis, evoking another paroxym (sp) of the evangelist and
his wife.  So they decide to broadcast live from ER, and have a "pray In" or
some such nonsense.  

Those of you whoe know me and love me anyway, know I was bristling at this!  I
admire ER for featuring diabetics, but the last one featured was a scruffy
homeless guy with a mouse living in his beard, and the one before that was a
pregnant woman incapable of giving herself her own injections!

In last night's show, the doctor came in with a syringe goes her glucose was
still a little high and asked her, "how often are you testing your blood."
Tammy Faye answered, "oh I dont know...whatever they say you are suppoed to
do."  The doc asked "4 times?" and tammy faye said "yes I htink"  The doc said
something like, "that is a start - you need to test to avoid complictions,"
and tammy faye asked "like what?".  Then the doc said some of the

In the end, it turns out Tammy Faye was using her diabetes as something to
give her husband a reason to keep her - she was sick, he used it to have money
sent in to his church or whatever.

While lots of good stuff was desimnated in what the doctor said and did, it
still portrayed us as NUTCASES!

I am getting ready to write an episode for ER and one for Party of Five.
party of Five dealth with Charlie's cancer in a mature, informative,
believealbe manner, same with the nurse on ER who is HIV positive, and the guy
on Melrose place who was HIV positve and a host of other shows. 
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