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[IP] Bye from Sara

Hey you guys!

Just wanted to let you know I am going to the digest version on this thing.  I
can't handle the mail volume anymore.  I will chime in now and again, but
probably wont be as active, since I wont get all steamed up over something as
often - this could be a GOOD thing!

I hope those of you I have "relationships" with (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) will
continue to write me and I will be more than glad to share anything with any
new people, if I have anything to add.

Thank you  all very much for your words of support and butt kicking!  I am
grateful to this list for many things, especially the support you all
provided during my appendix episode, but also the wisdom and knowledge our
collective BORG has contributed!

Remember - don't take no S**T from any health care professional, stand up for
yourself and eat an Oreo every once in a while to remind yourself that you are
still human, and not completely assimilated.  Also remember..."loose" as in
loose pants, loose change and "lose" as in lose your mind, lose your keys

Love, Sara *-)=8 xoxx
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