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Re: [IP] Re: sleeping nude and dropping pump

Hi Laurel,

I too sleep in the nude but rarely drop my pump anymore.  I have found that
over time, I just got used to the thing being there and automatically look
for it and carry it with me.  In the beginning I did drop it a lot, but use
42 inch tubing, so depending on where I had the site, it just pulled
slightly.  I drop it more during the day, a couple of times on the hard
Mexican ceramic tiles I have in the kitchen and this 506 has survived for 6
years so far.

I find that now I have problems if it is not attached to me - I still use
the old Sofsets (not QR) so I shower with my pump.  When I shower and the
pump is off for a site change, I find that if I go outside my 42" leeway, I
automatically check to see if the tubing is still attached and it *shocks*
me that I can't find it!

type 1, 18 years
pump, 13 years

> I just hope I don't forget I'm wearing the pump when I get up in the
> middle of the night to use the bathroom--since I sleep in the buff, I
> could end up dragging it onto the floor, and something tells me that
> wouldn't feel too good!  Maybe I'd better just get into the habit of
>putting >on a robe with a pocket first thing. . . .
> - --Laurel

Vancouver, BC, Canada
email @ redacted


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