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Re: [IP] year 2000 problem

Hey lighten up John.  This year 2000 problem has been blown way out of
proportion by software engineers trying to make a pile of money.  There's
more than enough for us diabetics to worry about today than losing the
memory of 100 glucose tests a year and a half from now!  If one were really
concerned,  just take a printout on New Years Eve.  Duh. We already know
there's no problem with Minimed.   I bet your mother worried about your
getting razor blades in apples when you went trick or treating :-)

<<<From: John Neale <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Millenium bug (sorry, long)

With the greatest respect, I find your head-in-the-sand ignorance about
potential millenium bug problems alarming. There are loads of things
that could go wrong on 1/1/2000 with any piece of equipment that holds
the date. For computers, the rollover from 1999 to 2000 is often a
unique moment in date handling routines. That's where bugs show up and
programs crash. The cautious and sensible are assuming that any date
sensitive equipment or software WILL fail, until they have tested it,
and verified that it DOESN'T fail.

I asked my question because, while I know that my Minimed507 doesn't
hold the date, I've no idea about other pumps and models. Bg meters
often do hold the date (my Dex does) so there's a potential problem
there until you've checked it out. You may find you lose the record of
the last 100 tests, or at worst the software in the meter could simply
stop working, and the meter become useless.>>>>

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