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Re: [IP] Itchy Site!

> Laurel wrote: 
> However . . . no sooner had I finished taping the site when it started
> itching unbearably!  The itching did not seem to be connected to the
> polyskin or other surrounding tape; it seemed to be right underneath the
> set itself, including the tabs.  I was so uncomfortable that the CDE had me
> take out the set and do another insertion, this time putting on the
> polyskin before inserting the set.  The skin under the first set was red
> and irritated-looking.

I have quite sensitive skin, too. I was allergic to most of the tapes I
tried -- itching, very red "rash-type" irritations.  Minimed has a booklet
"tape hints" you should look at. I believe it's linked from the insulin
pumpers home page.

What you should do: Try different kinds of tape on your skin. I recommend
trying out a tape BEFORE using it for an insertion site. That is, apply the
tape to your arm, or the other side of your abdomen. If it doesn't hurt or
itch, leave it on for a few hours. If your skin is still ok, try again but
leave it on for 24-36 hours (or however long you plan to leave an insertion
site in). If that's ok, then use it for an insertion site. 

What worked for me may not work for you. I found I can tolerate IV3000 and
Micropore tape, but not Polyskins or the original sofset tape or the tape
on the sofset wings or the tape on the silhouettes/comforts/tenders. (The
silhouette tape actually caused big red bumps to appear on my skin. Again,
YMMV.)  Like Jay described in his swimming prep (I think I gave him the
idea, actually :-), I apply (skinprep and) IV3000 FIRST, then insert
THROUGH the tape. That way, only the IV3000 comes in contact with my skin.

I also have to change sites every 3 days, or my skin gets too irritated. I
usually have a red patch on my skin that appears 1-2 hours after I remove
the tape, and lasts up to 24 hours. But it doesn't hurt and goes away. My
insurance pays for my supplies, so it's really just some extra time for
change the site that often (and is what is officially recommended). 

Anyway, experiment, and let us what does work for you. :-)

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