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[IP] ultralente

> Lori wrote: 
> I'm not certain why there are so many vocal opponents to Ultralente,
> perhaps my body was one in a trillion that fits its curve.  Before the
> gastroparesis problems ensued, my life on U was very similar to what most
> talk about with the pump.  The differences? -- costs were much lower, I
> wasn't "hitched" to a machine, and life was a pain once a month when my
> basal needs increased for menses.  I could, however, eat what I wanted,
> whenever I wanted to.  I skipped meals with abandon.  I had a few
> reactions - but minimized them with testing.  My A1c's were never over 7,
> and when prepping for pregnancy were between 4 and 4.5.

Lori -- Ultralente doesn't work for everyone. I used MDI with 1 (then 2)
shots of Ultralente and Regular for meals for 11 years. I also ate what I
wanted, when I wanted, and skipped meals "with abandon." :-) I also did a
zillion blood tests -- probably 8-10 a day -- and I was a very active
teenager, college student, and grad student.

However, my control was not nearly as good as yours. I bounced around from
lows to 300+, nearly every day. I was over 200 most mornings.  My HbA1cs
were usually 8-10, where 4-6 is normal. I didn't know about counting carbs
then, but I did know about exchanges, and I did try to match my insulin to
what I was eating.

Just before I got the pump, my doctor made me try NPH for 2 months. That
was a disaster. Not only was I bouncing around more than on U, I had to
time meals. I definitely think that U, when it works, is better than NPH,
but it doesn't give perfect control for everyone.

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