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[IP] Re: sleeping nude and dropping pump

> I just hope I don't forget I'm wearing the pump when I get up in the
> middle of the night to use the bathroom--since I sleep in the buff, I
> could end up dragging it onto the floor, and something tells me that
> wouldn't feel too good!  Maybe I'd better just get into the habit of
> putting on a robe with a pocket first thing. . . .
> - --Laurel

Laurel -- Even when I wear pajamas, the pump is still loose in the bed. (If
I clip it to my pjs, then I inevitably want to sleep directly on top of it,
ouch. No matter where I clip it.) I've forgotten about the pump and dropped
it on the floor more times that I can count. I probably AVERAGE once a
day. In 3 years, it didn't hurt my 506. It only hurts me if the cord
pulls. Since I use the long tubing, it doesn't pull when the pump is on the
floor and I'm standing up, with the insertion site in my abdomen. 

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