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[IP] Colour choice in pumps

     I chose the MM507 because I was so used to the wonderful shade of grey 
     it has always been that I figured even if I forgot about it I couldn't 
     get out of bed without my grey shadow......
     Seriously, aren't we all supposed to have developed colour blindness 
     by now??  I remember reading somewhere (in B&W of course) that 
     diabetes is a leading cause of green-blue colourblindness.  Add that 
     to the fact that many men are red-green and the only colour we CAN see 
     well is probably grey (actually, blue is only one I CAN see but 
     minimed was eight weeks backordered and I had my insurance approval 
     NOW, so....) (If I send my pump in for TLC to minimed will they swap 
     for a blue one)?

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